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Southern Roots Supplies

Southern Roots Supplies is a locally owned source for high quality polyester glitters at reasonable prices. I am an avid crafter and love making handmade custom tumblers. I started making tumblers over three years ago. 

When I first started, I tried many different types of glitters. I quickly found out that there is a big difference in the types of glitters out there. Craft glitters do not seem to hold up as well as the polyester glitters. However, the polyester glitters can be pretty pricey as well. 

I had several people asking me about the glitter I used as it holds up well to heat, sunlight and doesn't lose its sparkle over time like craft glitter does. So I started out selling it to locals who were making tumblers, t-shirts and other crafts. Word of mouth spreads quickly in the craft world. That is how Southern Roots Supplies was born. 

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