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Southern Roots Supplies is a locally owned source for high quality polyester glitters at reasonable prices. I am an avid crafter and love making handmade custom tumblers. I started making tumblers over three years ago. 

When I first started, I tried many different types of glitters. I quickly found out that there is a big difference in the types of glitters out there. Craft glitters do not seem to hold up as well as the polyester glitters. However, the polyester glitters can be pretty pricey as well. 

I had several people asking me about the glitter I used as it holds up well to heat, sunlight and doesn't lose its sparkle over time like craft glitter does. So I started out selling it to locals who were making tumblers, t-shirts and other crafts. Word of mouth spreads quickly in the craft world. That is how Southern Roots Supplies was born. 

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Frequently asked questions

What are shipping times like??

All packages ship out within 24 hours. All products are shipped in bags for your protection. We don't like broken or busted products here at Southern Roots. Also each box comes with a free gift and Cactus glitter sprinkled in the box. If you don't want them sprinkled in please leave a note on your order and we will be happy to bag those for you.

What is a hitchhiker?

Our customers refer to the floating cactus that come in every box as hitchhikers.

How much is shipping?

Shipping is generally $5 but can be more based on weight of package and location. This will be calculated at checkout. All packages ship first class 1-3 days with $100 of insurance.

What is your glitter made of and how much do I get for the price?

All of our glitter is polyester glitter. Our glitter comes in 1 & 2 ounce jars or bags. Each product page will have a drop down menu where you can choose jar or bag and will tell you how much glitter you are buying. Amounts vary depending on the glitter you choose.

When will my turner come??

All turners are made to order. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery! Please make sure during checkout to choose what add on options you want as these orders cannot be changed once placed and no refunds. These are custom made to your specifications.

How are turners shipped?

Turners are shipping in boxes surrounded in peanuts to keep them protected during shipment. Turners are shipped First Class 1-3 Day with $100 insurance.

Where is Southern Roots located?

Southern Roots operates out of Oklahoma! Most of our Oklahoma customers recieve their glitters next day after shipping!